Leading Spot Welding Consumables - Spare Parts  Manufacturers & Exporter in Nashik- India

PARAMOUNT ENTERPRISES - PARENT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing & exporter company in Nashik, India.

PARENT is young energetic, with highly skilled engineering team having more than +2 decade experience in resistance spot welding & installed latest technology machining facility, manufacturing all types of resistance spot welding spares, spare parts, consumables & accessories like standard tips, cap tips. spot welding electrodes, shanks, holders, adapters, gun arms, bracket, flexible shunts, water cooled kickless cables, aid jumper cables, gyro-gimble, hanger, bus-bar 3d, trigger switch, switch handle assly, pneumatic cylinder, piston rods and many more for spot welding gun as well as stationary machine- spot- seam, flash welding , seam welding wheels, silver contacts, mercury filled electrodes, horn shaft, bushes, projection welding electrodes- elkonite faced etc.

PARENT also offers diversity of special refractory metals for resistance spot welder parts like Elkonite- Tungsten, Tungsten copper, molybdenum, graphite, TZM tipped electrodes, 3D busbar in ETP, aluminium material.

Ø  Why PARENT Spares :

# Quick delivery

# Excellent Quality

# Best selection of raw material

# Most experience team

# Best price


# PARENT - Featured Products :

Spot Welding Electrodes - PARENT
Material :- CCZ/CuCrZr/CuCr1Zr-C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper

Offers straight electrodes with standard taper - Iso / Morse / BS807

as per international standards for spot welding guns, welders & machines.

Spot Welding Electrodes Tips- PARENT
Material :- CCZ/CuCrZr/CuCr1Zr-C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper

Offset tips are available in various shape & size.

Tips are made with cold forming & machining combination.

Specially tips are used for spot weld gun & welders.

 Bent Shank- PARENT
Material :-  BeCu - Class-3,CCZ / CuCrZr / CuCr1Zr-C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper

PARENT offers spot welding shank holders for spot welding gun & machines in various shape & sizes- straight, single bent, double bent & 3D shank.

These shanks are available in hard copper alloy as per RWMA classifications to suit spot welder.

 Tip Adapters- PARENT
Material :- BeCu- RWMA-Class-3,CCZ/CuCrZr/CuCr1Zr-C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper

Threaded Tip adapters are available on short notice with British, US & ISO standards.

These adapters are made in tough copper alloy BeCu & CCZ as per RWMA classification.

 Flexible Shunt Link- PARENT
Material :- ETP Copper

PARENT is catering flexible shunts - links with excellent quality all over the World

especially in automotive & switchgear sector in European countries.

These flexibles are available in various shapes :-  S, J, Z, U, I, C

Sizes - Width from 25mm  to 150 mm

# Ample stock of raw material.

# In time delivery.

Seam Welding Wheels- PARENT
Material:- CCZ/CuCrZr/CuCr1Zr-C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper

PARENT 's Seam welding wheels gives excellent life due to higher

hardness of Copper alloy ( Copper Chromium Zirconium )

Standard wheel blanks are available in stock for quicker delivery.

Sizes available from 50 mm to 400  mm with standard thickness 12 mm to 16 mm.

Also offers silver segment, housing body, bush & conductive grease for seam welder & machines.

Straight Shanks for female caps - PARENT
Material :- CrZrCu, BeCu- RWMA-Class-3 & Class-4

PARENT's Spot welding shanks are made in CrCuZr, BeCu copper alloy.

With standard taper to suit female & male cap tips.

Specially shanks are available in 2% BeCu alloy (RWMA class-4)

Projection Welding Electrodes - PARENT

Material :- CCZ/CuCrZr/CuCr1Zr-C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper

PARENT provides consumable solution to your projection welding machines.

Nut & stud welding electrodes with standard taper.

Spot Welding Gun- BusBar- PARENT
Material :- ETP Copper

PARENT offers Busbars, connectors in different shapes to suit

spot welding guns & welder (Machines).

# Quick delivery & best price.

Silver & Tin coating available on request.

Spot Welding Gun Shanks- PARENT

Material :- CrZrCu, BeCu - Class-3

PARENT is expert in manufacturing 3D (dimensional ) spot welding shanks,

holder & gun arms for manual & robot guns.

Extensive experience & huge capacity in cold forming,  PARENT's spares are the PARAMOUNT.

Bent shanks are available in hard copper alloy - CuCrZr & BeCu as per RWMA classifications.

Projection welding electrodes Assly with Elkonite face - PARENT

Material :- CrCuZr with Elkonite face.

PARENT offer Projection welding electrodes for nut welding with

elkonite face joined with copper part.

Ceramic pins & hard insulating bush fitted inside to give excellent life.

Projection Nut Welding electrodes - Elkonite Face - PARENT

Material :- CrCuZr & Elkonite

PARENT's projection welding tip adapters are available off shelf  with

elkonite soldered for projection nut welder.

# Quick delivery

# Best price.

Spot Welder Cap tips - Dia13,Dia16 - PARENT

Material :- CCZ/CuCrZr/CuCr1Zr-C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper

Cap tips are made with cold forming & machining combination in

hard copper alloy as per RWMA classification for spot welding guns & welders.

Spot Welding Robot Shanks - PARENT

Material :- CCZ/CuCrZr/CuCr1Zr-C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper, BeCu- Class-3 alloy

PARENT's expertise draws excellent quality of Spot welding shanks. holders

& gun arms are for specially robotic welding guns in different shapes.

These gun arms are available in CrZrCu & BeCu alloy.

# Best Quality # Timely delivery.

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